Paw Power

Bailey and Everest’s lives are torn apart when the Professor’s evil colleague tries to steal his invention and Everest is dognapped by the criminal gang. Can his best friend Bailey and a pack of local dogs and a lone wolf come to his rescue? Will the Professor get his invention back and what will the future hold for this four-legged crime-fighting team.​ Paw Power – Mission: Saving Everest will be available to purchase on Amazon next month.

Paw Power Profiles


Bailey is a collie/golden retriever cross breed. This hair is blonde and his favourite food is cheese. He was rescued from the dogs home by the professor. He is the oldest member of the Paw Power pack and he spends most of his time playing with Everest.


Everest is a Husky, with light beige liver colouring and piercing sapphire blue eyes . He came to live with the professor when he was a pup, abandoned by the roadside. He needs lots of loving, which he gets from the professor and his best friend Bailey.


Cooper is a black Labrador with dark brown eyes. Cooper lives next door to Bailey and Everest and they often see each other when Cooper is out with his owner Mrs Baptiste. He is a companion dog and looks after her. He is trained to help her in an emergency and he is very clever.


Jessie lives straight across the street from Everest and Bailey with a young family, so she gets a lot of love and attention from the kids. She is a black and white Border Collie, with standard markings and she is very agile and full of energy. She is extremely intelligent and can remember a long list of commands in her agility training.