Paw Power now also available as an on Amazon

Book Now Available

Paw Power: Mission Saving Everest is now available on Amazon. Proceeds go to support children with autism http://www.autism.org.uk


Hi everyone, great news. Our very first book, Mission: Saving Everest is coming soon on the 1st September we are so excited. You can buy your own copy on Amazon

Love Everest and Bailey 🙂 #OUT SOON


Hello today was a lovely day. The professor took Bailey and Everest to Ivinghoe Beacon

for a delicious picnic. Everest ate his favourite lunch of meat paste sandwiches and adventurous. #BEST TIME EVER

have a great day:)


Today Cooper went to the park to play ball when Mrs Baptiste was at Asda. He had a brilliant time, he would trot up the slope and drop the ball then run down to catch it for a hour then he walked home through the field, leap over the fence in the garden, then in the open window to greet his owner. #GOOD TIME


Jessie just got qualified for Crufts 2020 Agility so she is spending the next seven months perfecting her skills. #WINNING


First copy of book has arrived from amazon for approval. #PAWPOWER